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Full Circle

Image of center spiral with gold leafs at bottom left and upper right and blue vibrations at other corners
Cymatic Vibration by Sandra Dean

Dear Esteemed Readers,

On October 28, 2022, after nearly a year of research and planning, I launched a positive-spirited, arts-related, online publication titled Art Nun of Central Washington: A Visual Artist’s Journal of Discovery.

The first post from the autumn 2022 essay summarized my reasons for developing this journal as an antidote to the negativity and shallow commercialism that surround our daily lives. My goal is to illuminate and share with my readers the lives and thoughts of deep-souled visual artists, poets, philosophers, and musicians whose work has enriched and expanded my understanding of the world over many years. I’ve included my personal experiences in the diverse mix of writings in the journal and hope that you have enjoyed following my observations and stories during this past year of wide-ranging exploration.

To visually introduce the second year of my Art Nun publication, I chose an expanding spiral from one of my own artworks as the feature image for this post. The spiral is an ancient symbol of growth and evolution that appears throughout the endless life forms of nature as well as in the art of diverse cultures and spiritual traditions.

With the energy of the unfolding spiral clearly in my mind and inviting me to go forward, through the coming year’s journal I’ll continue to provide you with another collection of my thought-provoking and visually fascinating essays—meant to help balance and restore your spirits in a world whose conflicts and sorrows have only continued to escalate.

You can support the work I do in creating this journal by renewing your existing paid yearly subscription at this one-year anniversary, or upgrading your free subscription to “patron” status, which includes new benefits for paid supporters that enhance my personal engagement with readers.

To upgrade to patron membership, sign in to your account, click on the “Account” button at the top right, and then click on “View Plans”.

If you have questions, or preferences you would like me to consider as subjects for future journal entries, you can publicly “comment” in the section just below this entry, or write me privately.

Thanks to all for your time, trust, and enthusiasm so far!


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Sandra Dean, Visual Artist
Tieton, Washington USA

yellow sunflower in bloom close up photo
Photo by Cas Holmes / Unsplash