Who is the Art Nun and What is Her Vision?

Video transcription with art project links

Hello everyone, and welcome to my art studio here in the small, agricultural, central Washington town of Tieton, just east of the Cascade mountains. I’m Sandra Dean, and I’m a visual artist. I’m also the author of this online journal, titled Art Nun of Central Washington, which documents the continuing discoveries and inspirations that have enriched my thoughts and art life over many years.

I acquired the nickname “Art Nun” from past conversations with friends, who understood that I need a quiet and cloistered work environment, that allows alternative ways of engaging with the world to speak through my hands. This art studio, the little town it’s part of, and the surrounding high desert landscape meet all these requirements. As the Art Nun, I specialize in illuminating the mysterious element we call life, as it finds shelter in an endless variety of nature-based forms.

In the written transcription just below this video, you’ll find more detailed information about two of my nature-based art projects.

From Seed to Universe

Voices of Cowiche Canyon

My arrival in Tieton was the result of a long sequence of uncanny synchronicities and intuitive promptings that completely changed my life path in unexpected ways. Since these subconscious communications have been so frequent throughout my adult life, I’ve learned to respect, and actively listen to their messages. This journal will include several accounts of these unusual promptings and their revelations.

Since I believe that art can transform our everyday lives, I offer the insights described in my journal as “door openers” and encouragements for anyone who may be ready to see the world with new eyes.

I’ll be sending my journal posts via email on the first Saturday of each month, so that subscribers can enjoy reading them away from weekday distractions. The average reading time for each post is about 6 minutes. To subscribe, just click on the gold “subscribe” icon visible on every page.

I dedicate this journal to my ancestors, whose artistic and musical gifts were never acknowledged or supported. I'll always believe that through the compressed potential of their collective DNA, their unrealized dreams were passed on to me to fulfill. I feel my ancestors’ presence every day and I thank them. I tell their stories near the beginning of this journal.