Photo of Sandra Dean and David Bilides
Sandra Dean and David Bilides (Aneta Simon)

My deepest thanks and appreciation go to my husband, DAVID BILIDES, for his generous and enthusiastic collaboration on this journal project in so many areas. I could not have published it without his technical computer wizardry.

I also extend a very special thanks to the COWICHE CANYON CONSERVANCY in Yakima, for their ongoing nature advocacy and educational programs that help preserve the flora and fauna of the unique shrub steppe ecosystem of Central Washington. Their efforts have inspired me greatly as a visual artist.

Additional thanks to the following:

ED MARQUAND, art book designer extraordinaire, founder of Mighty Tieton art and community groups, and Tieton City Council member, for his tireless assistance in my historical research about Tieton, and his knowledge of the Tieton artists and artisan businesses that are part of his vision.

NEAL BRYAN, former administrative assistant in the art education division of Nebraska Public Schools. When Neal learned that my mother and grandmother (whose stories are included in my journal) were both Nebraska natives, he referred me to the Keya Paha Historical Society Museum in Springview, Nebraska for further research assistance.

Photo of Keya Paha Historical Society
Keya Paha Historical Society Museum

CHANA ORTON, visual artist, art educator, and research consultant at the Keya Paha Historical Society Museum. A Nebraska native herself, Chana spent many hours helping me locate historical details for my journal posts My Grandmother’s Quilts and My Mother’s Memorabilia Box.

JOHN KANE, photographer, for his kindness and vast knowledge—both technical and artistic—of all things related to photography for this journal.

MARK SAMUELS, Associate Professor of Medicine at Sainte-Justine Women and Children's Hospital, University of Montreal, for his gracious, clear, and thoroughly enjoyable explanations of some of the technical workings of DNA that provide a complementary view of a subject that is completely fascinating to me.

AND…my heartfelt thanks to my many friends and supporters who sent good wishes over the years for all my artistic projects, including this journal.